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7000 Series
Coaxial Relay Module
  • DC up to 800MHz depending upon the
    number of throws
  • Two to twenty-four throws
  • Continuous shield continuity
  • Rugged machined aluminum housing
  • Switchpoints individually field replaceable
  • Extremely low EMI
  • Low VSWR
  • Signal circuits isolated from control circuitry
  • Built-in amplifiers available for video and
    R.F. applications

  • Coaxial Relay Module
    Matrix 7000 Series are designed to maintain coaxial switching continuity over a wider range of critical and high environmental applications. The Relay housings are constructed of precision machined aluminum alloy for structural integrity and hard anodized for durability. All signal paths are silver plated and the covers are gasketed for maximum EMI protection. The basic reed switch elements are hermetetically sealed in nitrogen filled gas envelopes and employ rhodium plated contacts to insure non-stick operation.
    Matrix and hybrid switching systems are easily constructed by using 9000 series push-on cross straps which mate with the BNC female type UG1094/U connectors on the switch module. For example: Model 9108 has eight inputs and one output. See  9000 series catalog sheet for more information.

    Applications for 7000 Series:

  • R.F. and I.F. signal switching
  • Base band video and pulse switching
  • Application requiring a high degree of shielding integrity and low contact and induced noise
  • Switching DS-1, DS-3, T-1, 1553B & ECL signals
  • Switching balanced audio


    - Configuration Single or double pole (2 thru 24 throws)
    - Impedance 50 ohms (75 ohms optional)
    -Frequency range (-1dB) 1310 (N - .13) MHz
    (-3dB) 1760 (N + .2) MHz
    - Isolation See graph (see factory for -I or -IS option)
    - Switching speed 1mS dry contact (3mS mercury wetted)
    - Power 28VDC, 30mA
    - Control connector DA-15P, DB-25P, etc. (D-type mate supplied)
    - Signal connectors BNC- standard (optional) Twinax, Triax, TNC, SMA or F-type
    - Operating temp -30F to +150F
    - Humidity 0 to 98% R.H.
    - Shock & vibration 50G's -1mS, 2G's p-p 20-2000Hz
    - Size 3.25"H x .625"W x 1.44" + ( .625" x throws) L
    - Mounting Three 6-32 tapped holes in base (or -C)

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